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South African Singer Soso Thamae

Soso Thamae, our very own South African Diva, sang for our children on our very first gathering for the children

About Us

We created this non-profit organization to promote our cause and inform people around the world about it. 

Who we are

Our Mission:
Every child deserves respect, and an opportunity to live a life filled with love, dreams and possibilities, to go to bed at night on a full stomach, wrapped in a warm blanket.  

“The child must know that he/she is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world here hasn’t been, and until the end of the world, there will not be another child like him” – Pablo Casals
Child Welfare South Africa Magaliesburg is a non-profit organisation which has been in operation since 1930.  The organisation renders services that is classified in the category of “the care and protection of children, care and support programs for families”.  
What does this mean?
Our Social Workers, Auxiliary Social Workers and Administration Staff work around the clock to ensure that children from Birth to age 18 years are receive Social intervention services in line with the Children’s Act, Act No. 38 of 2005 as amended, when children are found in need of Care and Protection, we are the professionals that ensure that, that little being who did not ask to be hurt, abused, abandoned, orphaned or go hungry has someone to trust, that will endeavor to give them back their childhood, in a safe environment.
Most of the organization’s cases are as a result of parent’s inability to provide comprehensive care for their children.  The most prevalent incidences are child abandonment.  Cases dealt with: Single parent families without support; Child headed households, marital conflict where the children’s best interests are at stake.  Families have problems without work opportunities and a difficult economic climate. 

The impact of all above mentioned problems are the caring of children with the most basic provision of children’s needs.  Major problems are orphaned children whose parents have died of HIV related diseases.  Further vulnerability of children is driven by sexual abuse with alarming rates, the impact is devastating to the children.  It destroys and scars children emotionally, the healing is an intensive and extensive process.  Due to lack of Parental guidance and supervision, children from as young as 12 years are exposed to gangs, teenage pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse, rape, molestation.

How do we provide these services:

  •         Attending to Children’s Court enquiries
  •         Providing Counselling to caregivers and children
  •         Providing Adoption services
  •   Placing children in places of safety & monitoring them
  •   Placing children in Foster Care and monitoring
  •  Providing various skills development programs i.e. Basic reading and writing skills, food gardens, foster parent training etc

  • Providing community development programs
  •     Supplying Food parcels to the needy
  •    Supplying Clothing and furniture to the needy
  •   Supplying children with Back to School packs
  •         Engaging in various     awareness projects such as Child Protection week, Anti Rape, Anti Drug,
    Mandela Day, Youth Day, Arbor Day


Our Wishlist

# Funds to roll out all the various projects, and maintain our running costs
# Old/New clothes, furniture, appliances, crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, toys, reading books, office equipment, curtains, linen, towels, bedding
# School supplies: clothes, shoes, socks, jerseys, books, stationery
# Office stationery: Paper, Pens, Files, Printing
# Vehicles
# Vehicle Services/Maintenance 
# Petrol
# Building Maintenance, Electrical, Paint, Garden, Paving, Security, Plumbing, Roofing
# Staff Wellness incentives
# IT Support and Website maintenance
# Food Parcels: Food Tins, bread, Sugar, Mealie Meal, Samp, Milk, Rice, Soya mince, peanut butter, fruit, vegetables, seeds to plant for food gardens
# Sanitary Parcels: Toothpaste, Toothbrush, soap, face cloths shampoo, Sanitary Pads, Condoms
# Cleaning Parcels: Dishwashing liquid, Washing powder, Jik, Handy Andy, Sta-soft



Our members are very diverse but united by their common interest. Find out who we are in our gallery, and join our team!

And now there is a contact person waiting to greet you and handle your queries and record your input and contributions (Child Welfare, Wildlands, Work It Up, Touchdown Magalies, MDI, MBF and a whole lot more) at the community Hub, at Hartleys. We are so proud to introduce Elizabeth Matsitse to you.